Numeric tokens

The LatinNumerics object can validate the syntax of a Latin numeric string.

import edu.holycross.shot.latin._


assert(LatinNumerics.valid("ⅣⅩ") == false)

It can also convert valid values to integers.

assert (LatinNumerics.numericToInt("ⅩⅣ") ==  14)

Note that the numeric characters are drawn from the Unicode code points summarized here. If you try to use non-numeric characters, it is an exception.

scala> // True numeric characters:
     | assert(LatinNumerics.valid("ⅩⅣ"))

scala> // Similar looking glyphs for alphabetic characters:
     | try {
     |   LatinNumerics.valid("XIV")
     | } catch {
     |   case t: Throwable => t
     | }
res6: Any = java.lang.Exception: LatinNumerics: X is not a valid numeric character.