LiteraryGreekString: ASCII mapping

Alphabetic characters

The ASCII representation follows the same mapping for lower-case Greek letters used by the Perseus project, the SophoKeys keyboard extension for OS X, and others. Upper-case characters are represented by preceding the lower case letter with an asterisk, e.g., a == α and *a == Α.

See a full list of lower-case mappings.

Breathings, accents, diacritics

The following ASCII characters are used for breathing, accent and diacritical characters:

Greek characterASCII representation
smooth breathing)
rough breathing(
acute accent/
grave accent\

The ordering of ASCII characters is

  1. vowel
  2. breathing (if any)
  3. accent (if any)
  4. diaeresis (if any)

Unlike the ASCII mapping used by the Perseus project and others, the ordering of characters is not affected by case. E.g., a)/ == and *a)/ == .


Greek punctuation characters are represented as follows:

Greek characterASCII representation
Full stop. (period)
Half stop: (colon)
Interrogation; (semicolon)
comma, (comma)
elision' (single quote)

White space

Space, tab, carriage-feed and new line characters and equated in both Unicode and ASCII representations.