To use scm in your own code or in scripts, import edu.holycross.shot.scm._. scm is available from jcenter, so if you are using sbt, include jcenter in your list of resolvers like this;

resolvers += Resolver.jcenterRepo

and add scm to your list of dependencies

libraryDependencies +=    "edu.holycross.shot" %%% "scm" % "VERSION"

Depending on what features of scm you use, you may also need to import one or more of the following libraries, all of which are available from jcenter:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "edu.holycross.shot.cite" %%% "xcite" % "VERSION", // CTS and CITE URN classes
  "edu.holycross.shot" %%% "ohco2" % "VERSION",  // manipulation of OHCO2 texts
  "edu.holycross.shot" %%% "citeobj" % "VERSION", // CITE Collections
  "edu.holycross.shot" %%% "cex" % VERSION" // parser for CEX data

Hint: you can check the most recent published version of each library from the maven repository listing here.

On the JVM platform, converting local text repositories to CEX format or to CiteLibrary objects requires the hocuspocus java library, available from the nexus repository at That is, import edu.holycross.shot.hocuspocus._ in your code, and add this resolver to your build file:

resolvers += "beta" at ""

In your list of depedencies in your build.sbt, add version 2.1.5 of the library:

    libraryDependencies +=   "edu.holycross.shot" % "hocuspocus" % "2.1.5"

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