Code libraries: version numbers, API docs, github repos

Last updated: Thu Jun 25 13:59:51 EDT 2020

CITE architecture libraries

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Libraries for editing digital text corpora

From my work with the Holy Cross MID Club, see current information at

Some utilities

API docsVersionSummaryGithub
seqcomp2.2.1Scala utilities for comparing type-parameterized sequences. Includes computing Longest Common Subsequence and Shortest Common Supersequence.github
histoutils2.3.0Utilities for working in Scala with type-parameterized histograms and frequency counts.github
xmlutils2.0.0JVM utilities for working with structured data in XML formats.github

Homer Multitext project

API docsVersionSummaryGithub
hmt-mom4.0.0Homer Multitext project: Mandatory Ongoing Maintenancegithub
hmt-textmodel8.0.0Model of text content of HMT editionsgithub
hmt-cexbuilder3.5.0Build a CITE library from HMT archival materialgithub

Greek and Latin

API docsVersionSummaryGithub
greek5.5.0Utilities in Scala for working with polytonic ancient Greek.github
gsphone1.4.3Manipulate GreekString objects phonologicallygithub
latphone2.7.2Latin orthography and phonologygithub
latincorpus2.2.2A citable, morphologically parseable corpus of texts in Latingithub
latin-text-model1.3.0Specification and implementation of a model for editions of texts in Latingithub
tabulae6.0.1A build system for Latin morphological parsersgithub

Archaeological data analysis

API docsVersionSummaryGithub
nomisma3.1.2Work with numismatic data sets from
ocre-texts0.3.1Work with texts from OCRE.github
p-lod Pompeii, Linked Open Data 

Ancient science

API docsVersionSummaryGithub
ptolemy-texts1.0.1A library to read a TEI edition of Ptolemy’s Geography and parse it into a data set of points with lon-lat locationsgithub
ptolemy1.5.0Implementations of some data sets and functions in extant works of Claudius Ptolemygithub