Code libraries

When necessary for my teaching or research, I write code.


My public repositories are on github, but for libraries that might be useful to someone else I also publish binaries on bintray.

Pages for tutorials and end-user documentation are generated with the tut doucmentation generator, so all embedded code has executed correctly.

Why Scala

For the past couple of years, I’ve been working primarily in Scala, and am deeply in love with it. I’m writing increasingly purely functional, type-safe code, and am far more productive than ever before because the data structures and code I’m working with are a closer and more natural fit to the way I think about what I study. I’m still amazed that you can cross-compile Scala to Javascript, so that talented colleagues like Christopher Blackwell can use the same libraries in web apps (like his beautiful LSJ or Lewis-Short lexica) that I use from Scala to analyze material for the Homer Multitext project.